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I wrote this book for me—and people like me.Now, let me explain. I love God, and I love to read and study his book, the Bible. In fact, that’s what I do for a living. I’m blessed to lead a wonderful church, and I’m also an adjunctive professor for two large, evangelical seminaries. What this means is that I’m constantly studying and teaching God’s word. And that’s just it—studying for my mind is one thing; meditating with my heart is another. That is why I love devotional studies. They help remind me that I must be a faithful worshiper before I can be a faithful teacher. That’d why I’ve written this book. 30 Days to James is the kind of devotional that I love to read—a devotional that unites solid teaching with practical application. It’s designed to give you a devotion to read every day for a month, along with some valuable resources for meditation, application, and prayer.Honestly, my days are as crazy as yours, so you can read each day’s devotion in 15-20 minutes. The study, however, will stay with you all day long! You can purchase either a hard copy or an eBook, whichever works best for your busy life. Further, this book is written in such a way that anyone, from new believers to life-long saints, will grow in their spiritual journey. So, what are you waiting for? One more thing . . . This book is part of a larger series of books that is being developed by Seed Publishing Group; it is called 30 Days to the Bible. Each year, several new books will be added to this series until all the books of the Bible have been covered. Renowned scholars and pastors from around the country will be writing books for this exciting, new series. So, if you like 30 Days to James, keep your eyes open for the next books in the series: 30 Days to Genesis, 30 Days to Acts, 30 Days to the Parables, 30 Days to John, and 30 Days to Colossians!Finally, Seed Publishing Group ( is an indie publisher committed to bringing great resources to both individual Christians and the local church. As part of that commitment, they are partners with The Pillar Network for church planting ( $1 from each sale of 30 Days to James goes directly to church plants throughout North America. Thank you for purchasing 30 Days to James, and thank you for investing in church planting!--Bill Curtis, Ph.D.

30 Days to James: A Devotional Commentary

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