Parent Seminar
for local churches

A special two-hour evening event to encourage, train and challenge parents to help their children develop a Biblical Worldview and give them the ability to grow in their understanding of who God is and how He is at work creating their story.  This parenting seminar will help you teach your children how to flourish in our current society by practicing Biblical principles.


If your children are attending home school or a non-Christian school this event will help you teach your children a Biblical Worldview.

In America today, societal narratives splinter and divide us. There's a lens for every cause du jour. Yet, God has called us to be ONE people, ONE body, and HE is the Head. What would that look like?






LINDA MERRIOTT will encourage parents to be intentional about teaching their children a Biblical Worldview and give them a practical plan on how to make this happen. This will support the Biblical integration in a church, home, home school, or Christian school.  It will also help children to discern truth in our current society and create opportunities for parent/child discussion on important issues.  She has a heart for children, families, and teachers which is why she is a facilitator/trainer for Parenting the Love and Logic Way and 9 Essential Skills for the Love and Logic Classroom. 

BILLY LORD will lead in several moments of worship throughout the evening. The songs are chosen to get parents to engage with singing and worship.  During the midst of his worship leading, he will explain what true Biblical worship looks like. It's not just music.

SCOTT DAVIS will emcee the night bringing humor and keeping the night fun and interactive. He will also facilitate a game for the parents, along with Billy, to give parents a time of fun and interaction. Scott closes this event with a Gospel presentation allowing parents to trust Christ as their Savior if they've not already done so. 



BILLY LORD will lead in several moments of worship throughout the evening. The songs are designed to engage parents in singing and worship.  Several of the songs are the same ones Billy leads with students at their One Real Day Spiritual Emphasis Conference. During the midst of his worship leading, he will explain what true Biblical worship looks like. It's not just music. He will discuss the climate in which our children are living and how a parent can help guide them through the “mine fields” of media and social media.

SCOTT DAVIS will present an overview of WHAT a worldview is and how important it is to have a Biblical one. To be effective Biblical Christians, we must read the Bible in order to read the culture. We read the Bible first so we will know how to read the world news next. He will discuss the decline of our cultural norms and how this has affected our children and educational system. He will discuss the Biblical foundation that must start at home and then be encouraged throughout life, including in their children's schools. He will also present the Gospel for parents to respond if they've never trusted Christ as Savior. 

Topics Covered

why is this important?

Like it or not, kids are being "discipled" by the World and its system. We will give an overview to parents on why a Biblical Worldview is needed. 

How do we develop a strong lifelong relationship with our children?

Equipping your parents on the life-long journey of pouring Biblical Truths into their children.

How do we teach a Biblical Worldview to different ages of children?

Practical strategies for parents to implement the teaching of a Biblical Worldview.

What are the benefits of teaching a Biblical Worldview to children?

Knowing that there will be growth from this process and how to notice that fruit along with way. 

What is the Biblical Worldview Plan for teaching your children?

We will leave you with a personal plan of action that parents can incorporate at home over a 51-week period.

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