Parent Seminar
for local churches


A special two-hour event to encourage, train and challenge parents to help their children develop a Biblical Worldview and give them the ability to grow in their understanding of who God is and how He is at work creating their story.  This parenting/grand parenting seminar will help you teach your children how to flourish in our current society by practicing Biblical principles.

In America today, societal narratives splinter and divide us. There's a lens for every cause du jour. Yet, God has called us to be ONE people, ONE body, and HE is the Head. What would that look like?



A Biblical Worldview in an Godless Society

To be effective biblical Christians, we must read the Bible to read the culture. We read the Bible first, so we will know how to read the world news next. Scott will present an overview of WHAT a Biblical worldview is and how important it is to our personal lives. He will discuss the decline of our cultural norms and how this has affected our children and educational system. He will discuss the Biblical foundation that must start at home. This is not an exhaustive presentation of a Biblical Worldview but an overview of what it is and how we should filter everything through the Bible.

Media: To Whom Are Your Kids Listening?

Our children are being discipled through Hulu, Paramount TV, Netflix, YouTube, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and multiple other social media and media platforms.


Billy will discuss the climate in which our children live and how a parent can help guide them through the “mine fields” of media and social media.

The Gospel Changes Everything

Neither Scott nor Billy take it for granted that everyone in their audience is a believer in Christ. With only 16% of churchgoers having a biblical worldview, it is obvious that some attending church do not have faith in Christ as their savior.


Therefore, Scott will share his personal testimony of growing up in church and attending a Christian school yet not having a relationship with Jesus and how important it is to first and foremost have a real, personal relationship with Christ and KNOW Him as Savior!

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Scott will discuss the impact the Gospel makes on our worldview, education, and life. He will also share the Gospel and allow parents and grandparents to respond. Parents can’t lead their families well without Jesus at the center of their families. This principle will apply to all parents of children, whether they attend a Christian school, a non-Christian school, or are homeschooled.

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