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FOCUS - Seeing Life Through a Biblical Lens

Many schools that have hosted the One Real Day Spiritual Emphasis Conference have asked if we can return with NEW material. We have it ready and have already presented this NEW One Real Day 2.0 version in several schools. With only two percent (2%) of students having a Biblical worldview and only nineteen percent (19%) of churchgoers having a Biblical worldview, we decided to concentrate on this theme for One Real Day 2.0. Along with these new themed topics, there is new worship music, new videos, and new games for the students. It is still an energetic, fun, fast-paced day with lots of Biblical content. Basically, it’s a Spiritual Emphasis Week done in ONE day. 


A short clip from this event by Scott Davis

Two-minute audio clip from a Parent's Perspective

Meet The Team

Our Story

Scott Davis attended a Christian High School and church most of his life. Because of this, he understands how students can "put on" their Christianity like a coat when they want it and take it off when they don't want it. He knew the correct verbiage to use around certain people. He knew how to say the right things on campus yet, live like the devil outside of the Christian environment. Sometimes the most challenging place to be a REAL Christian is at a Christian school or when you've been brought up in church. That is why Scott founded the Get Real and One Real Day Conferences. He has a burden to see Christian school, Home-school, and church-attending students Get Real with themselves, others, and especially God! 

Billy Lord grew up in a Christian family. His father was an NFL coach for the Green Bay Packers, Chicago Bears, and New York Giants. After his NFL career, he coached with Liberty University and several local high school teams. He started the football program at Fellowship Christian School in Roswell, GA, a northern suburb of Atlanta. Fellowship Christian recently named its new football stadium after Billy's dad, The Bob Lord Field. 

While a teen, Billy had the opportunity to be the ball boy for many NFL games. Upon high school graduation, he went to play college football with a full scholarship at Liberty University, where he played the position of free safety. While at Liberty, he sang and played in the "Football Trio." With his love for sports and music, students resonated greatly with his story. He led worship alongside Mark Hall, the founder of the Grammy-winning band Casting Crowns for nineteen years. He's sat in and played with Casting Crowns on K-Love Radio. Billy is a gifted songwriter and worship leader. 

As many as 50% of those attending a Get Real conference receive Christ as their Savior! I hope you will see the need to have your school or church participate in or host a Get Real or One Real Day Conference!

Contact Us

866-880-7909 (Main Office)
866-236-0007 (Pam Tuggle - Conference Scheduler)
470-243-1940 (Text Us!)


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